Lamborghini announces its first fully electric vehicle  

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Lamborghini announces its first fully electric vehicle  

Lamborghini has officially revealed their plans to go fully electric in the next decade. The Italian supercar brand announced that by the end of 2024, they will only be making plug-in electric vehicles (PHEV). The overall goal for Lamborghini is to have at least four models being either a PHEV or BEV, launched by 2030. This basically means that we could possibly see plug-in hybrid versions of the Huracán, Aventador, and Urus in the next two to three years.  

To add further excitement Lamborghini has unveiled that their first fully electric vehicle will make its debut sometime in 2030. It seems that more high-profile brands are embracing this new wave of electric drivetrains, with Lamborghini being a bit late to the party. Of course, their excuse is justifiable as seeing a Lamborghini without the tumultuous sounds of a V8 and V12 engine seems a bit wrong. 

For those who remember, Lamborghini first teased their interest in electric vehicles in 2017 when they revealed their Terzo Millenno concept. To make things even more interesting, Lamborghini isn’t alone in this quest to make supercars electric. In fact, they are joined by other high-profile brands such as Ferrari and Aston Martin. Lamborghini has revealed that they aim to invest around $1.8 billion dollars (R25 162 218 000 given the current exchange rate) on their hybrid and electrification transformation.  

More news around Lamborghini's electric transformation and, PHEV and BEV models will be revealed in due time. 

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