The Exhilarating Realm of the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max

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The Exhilarating Realm of the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max

Embarking on a journey through the expansive realm of automotive magnificence, Chery South Africa has sculpted a paradigm of elegance, power, and technological prowess with the launch of the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max. A creation seamlessly melding daring adventures with sheer luxury, this noteworthy addition to the TIGGO 7 Pro range traverses into territories previously uncharted, conjuring a symphony of technology and style. With an impressive footprint, the TIGGO 7 Pro range manifested a global sensation, finding homes in over 450,000 driveways worldwide in a mere year, of which the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max proudly claims over 100,000.

Adventure Beckons with Unyielding Power

Encapsulating an intrinsic spirit of boundless exploration, the TIGGO 7 Pro Max promises an experience drenched in audacity and stability, with a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system underpinning its resolve. Presenting drivers with an intelligent selection of 6 driving modes - Eco, Normal, Sport, Snow, Muddy, and Off-Road - ensures that every path remains untread, enabling ventures into the diverse terrains that stitch the Earth's magnificent tapestry. Its arrival on South African tarmac signals not only an enhancement to the adored TIGGO 7 Pro range but also a testament to Chery's relentless pursuit of innovation, delivering an unmatched blend of all-wheel-drive performance, state-of-the-art technology and a refreshed, eye-catching design.

A Symphony of Elegance and Statement Design

Transcending the conventional, Chery's globally acclaimed designers embarked on a journey to conjure a design that doesn't merely exist but emphatically announces its presence. The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max, therefore, emerges not just with heightened performance and luxury but also with an aesthetic that is inherently unique and compelling. The external allure is punctuated by a bold, new grille, presenting an intensely highlighted diamond pattern, masterfully woven from dark gloss black polycarbonate and adorned with chrome diamond-shaped embellishments, casting an utterly enthralling and entwining facial expression.

The transformation extends to a robustly revamped lower sill and side intakes, while the "Angel Wings" LED headlamps present a captivating visual spectacle, accentuating its three-dimensional design philosophy. Engaging with its driver, the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max extends a warm, luminous welcome through an enchanting LED light sequence, synchronised to stir a sense of elevated splendour and regality upon every approach, detected through its advanced sensors.

Rolling on, its 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels bestow a refined aesthetic, differentiated further through a deep-dish pattern for the 2WD model. At the same time, the all-wheel-drive variant parades a larger, imposing 19-inch rim. The rear aspect, not to be overshadowed, is crowned with a powered tailgate that elegantly hosts the vehicle-wide LED light strip, becoming a distinctive signature of the TIGGO 7 Pro range. With unbridled passion and meticulous attention to detail, Chery has sculpted an unparalleled SUV in the form of the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max, ensuring that it doesn't merely traverse terrains but also profoundly resonates in the memories of those it encounters.

In the Realm of Automotive Excellence

As it takes its place amongst its peers, the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max signals Chery's unwavering dedication to revolutionising not just the automotive industry but also the adventurous spirits of drivers in South Africa and beyond. With every detail curated to encapsulate excellence, every drive is not merely a journey but a celebration of the technological and design mastery that is the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max.

In a triumph of auto engineering and design, the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max is conceived to transform the driving experience, blending technology and luxury seamlessly to uplift every journey. The car's interior is a masterclass in innovative design, enhancing the ambience with a step-less LED light ring that bathes the cabin in 64 mesmerising colours. At the same time, a stunning 24.6-inch curved hyperboloid immersive screen takes a dominant, central position on the dashboard, delivering ultra-high-definition displays of vital vehicle information, entertainment options, and advanced connectivity features, including wired and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The control centre boasts a redesign that prioritises intuitive and seamless interaction, featuring a light-touch gear lever and driving mode selection knob, ensuring the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max delivers smooth, responsive all-wheel drive at the slightest touch. Comfort isn't sacrificed for technology, with one-piece perforated leather sport front seats offering electric adjustment to tailor your seating position. At the same time, an 8-speaker SONY sound system envelops passengers in rich, immersive sound, elevating the enjoyment of every journey.

Ensuring the interior air quality is pristine, an enhanced air conditioning system comes armed with N95-level (pm 2.5) air purification, with the Executive trim level taking it a step further, offering negative ion air purification via an automatic quality control system (AQS). Packed with features designed to impress even the most discerning Chery enthusiast, the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max offers an automated rear luggage door, dual-zone automatic climate control, "Hello Chery" Intelligent Voice Commands, and an expansive panoramic sunroof, ensuring not just luxury but a technologically advanced drive. 

With a suite of practical and advanced features, such as a state-of-the-art camera array that uses AI technology to provide comprehensive vehicle views and a wireless phone charging feature that's been upgraded from 15W to a potent 50W, ensuring your devices are charged in record time, Chery solidifies its dedication to innovation and excellence. The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max shines in every aspect, setting a notably high benchmark for the immersive in-car experience, marrying sophistication, technological prowess, and a sumptuous luxury that aims to be a part of the market and redefine it.

The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max emphasises a robust commitment to safety and power, integrating advanced features to secure and exhilarate drivers and passengers. This vehicle is embedded with a suite of standard safety features, including eight airbags, ABS brakes, and electronic stability control, to provide a holistic protective environment for occupants. Moreover, it elevates safety benchmarks by incorporating a level 2.5 Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in its Executive model, offering an array of 17 intelligent safety technologies like Adaptive Cruise Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking, and Blind Spot Monitoring, amongst others. These innovations exceed stringent safety standards set by authoritative bodies like the European, Australian, and Asian NCAP. Power is paramount in the TIGGO 7 Pro Max, fuelled by Chery's 1.6 TGDI turbo-petrol ATECO engine, boasting 145kW and 290Nm of torque, signified by its 290T logo. Winning accolades in the China Heart competition, Chery couples this esteemed engine with a seven-speed DCT transmission, offering exceptional fuel efficiency and exhilarating power delivery, ensuring every drive is a compelling adventure while maintaining a steadfast devotion to engineering and safety excellence.

The Chery Tiggo 7 Pro MAX and Tiggo 4 Pro LiT signify Chery's vibrant automobile lineup expansion in South Africa, each catering to distinct market segments with unique offerings. The Tiggo 7 Pro MAX comes in three models with two-wheel and all-wheel drives, ranging from R529,900 to R609,900, and entices with a generous 5-year/60,000 km service plan plus a stellar 1-million-kilometre/10-year engine warranty. The more budget-friendly Tiggo 4 Pro LiT, priced at R279,900, doesn't compromise on quality or safety, maintaining the trademark Chery aesthetic and ensuring a comfortable, secure drive with ample tech integrations like a 10.25-inch infotainment screen and various safety features. Both models underscore Chery's commitment to reliability and safety and offer competitive options in the automotive market.

In an era where reliability and after-sales support are pivotal, Chery ensures a coherent and enduring consumer journey by embedding substantive service plans and warranties with its vehicles. The Tiggo 7 Pro MAX, available in various models including two-wheel and all-wheel drives, doesn't merely stand as a testament to the brand's robust engineering but also mirrors its dedication to curating exceptional driving experiences. It meshes potent performance and luxury with the Executive 2WD and Executive AWD, designed to cater to varying consumer preferences and driving conditions.

Moreover, the Tiggo 4 Pro LiT emerges as a potent contender in the entry-level segment, adeptly navigating the delicate balance between affordability and premium experience. Despite its economical pricing, it doesn't cut corners on aesthetic appeal. It maintains the signature Chery identity with captivating design features like the galaxy-themed front grille and practical electrically adjustable side mirrors. The interior articulates a synthesis of practicality and comfort with fabric-covered seats, manual seat adjustments, and a notable 10.25-inch infotainment screen, keeping technology and entertainment accessible even at an entry-level price point.

Safety and technological elements are not overlooked, either. The Tiggo 4 Pro LiT has essential safety features like dual front airbags, ISOFIX anchors, various control assists like ABR, TCS, and ESP, and even conveniences like rear parking sensors and tyre pressure monitoring. Furthermore, including keyless access, automatic speed-sensitive locking, and a Start/Stop button manifest Chery's dedication to furnishing even their entry-level models with an array of features often reserved for premium segments.

From Chery South Africa, Tony Liu succinctly encapsulates the brand's ethos, emphasising the company's meticulous effort to curtail production costs without skimming on safety or the trademark Chery driving experience. Both models showcase Chery's intent to scale through various market segments, from the economical Tiggo 4 Pro LiT to the more luxurious Tiggo 7 Pro MAX, while maintaining a foundational commitment to safety, quality, and an enriched driving experience. With both vehicles now available in Southern Africa, Chery fortifies its presence, reiterating its commitment to delivering robust, safe, and diverse vehicle options to its consumer base.


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