The Renault 5 Proto has been revealed, and it will be electric 

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The Renault 5 Proto has been revealed, and it will be electric 

The Renault 5 Proto has been revealed, and it looks nothing like any Renault model you’ve seen before. Now the Renault 5 does hold a prestigious heritage in the French brand’s history. In fact, from years 1972 to 1986, it dominated the French market and was even named the countries bestselling car. Of course, the ’70s, and ’80s are long past us, so doing something drastic to Renault 5 only made sense. The Renault 5 will be just one of 14 new models to be launched by 2025, 7 being fully electric vehicles. 

Looking at the outside of the Renault 5 Proto, it’s easy to notice that its inspiration was drawn straight from the ’70s. Unlike other vehicle brands, Renault doesn’t plan to get rid of its iconic box-shaped look. It's clearly not as curvy as the current Renault Zoe EV, but it’s certainly eye-catching. In the front, one of the first things to spot is its huge square-shaped daytime running LED lights and illuminated badge. The front design is very minimalistic, and elements of vintage and a modern design are evident throughout. At the rear, there aren’t many details to brag home, it's actually quite simple. The rear lights stick to a squared shape design and the Renault nameplate is illuminated at the bottom. 

Regarding the interior, not much detail has been given. But from what we can see, the big take away here will be its free-standing glass infotainment display. It appears to be quite big and futuristic, which makes us a little more excited. Illuminated rings can be seen on the front-seat headrests, as to what this means, we are not completely sure, but one can suggest it to be a form of built-in speakers.    

Renault has yet to confirm the Renault 5’s electric drive system, but for now one can expect it to be an improvement from the current Renault Zoe EV. Now the Zoe EV models can drive 240 miles on a single charge and can charge from 0 to 80% in just under an hour, using a 50kWh charger. 



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