The All-New Renault Trafale: Conquering New Horizons

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Conquering the D-Segment in the Renaulution Strategic Plan

Renault's strategic plan, known as Renaulution, aims to reconquer the C-segment with successful models like the Megane E-Tech electric, Arkana, and Austral. Now, the focus shifts to the D-segment, where Renault plans to make its next move. The first step was the All-new Espace, a family-friendly reboot, and now Renault introduces a completely new and daring model: The All-new Rafale.

A Flagship Vehicle Designed for Driving Pleasure

With an arsenal of revamped hybrid powertrains, chasses, and electronic equipment, Renault is determined to offer its customers a vehicle dedicated to driving pleasure. The All-new Renault Rafale serves as both a source of enjoyment for drivers and a new flagship for the brand. Its design is influenced by Renault's new visual language, and represents a visionary and daring approach that captures the essence of the fast-paced modern era.

Inspired by Aviation and Innovative Design

The name "Rafale" derives from the French word for wind and holds significance in the aeronautical realm. Renault's history has been intertwined with aviation and the new Renault Rafale pays homage to this heritage while embracing a new era in Renault's design philosophy.

Cutting-Edge Connectivity and Efficient Hybrid Powertrain

The All-new Renault Rafale incorporates the latest connectivity features, ensuring it stays up-to-date with modern technology. Its 200 hp E-Tech full hybrid powertrain combines efficiency and economy while utilizing recycled materials, demonstrating Renault's commitment to sustainability.

Setting New Heights with Technological Breakthroughs

Designed to elevate driving pleasure, the All-new Renault Rafale will soon introduce technological breakthroughs that will position it among the high-performance automotive elite. An upcoming variant will feature a new E-Tech 4x4 300 hp powertrain, further enhancing its capabilities.

A Gratifying SUV Coupe for Life and Living

Renault's DNA revolves around optimal driving pleasure, not just for the driver but also for passengers. The All-new Renault Rafale provides ample space and amenities, ensuring a gratifying experience for everyone on board. With its vibrant appearance matching its dynamic driving experience, the Rafale offers the opportunity to share intense moments behind the wheel with friends and family, regardless of age.

Arrival in Spring 2024

The All-new Renault Rafale is scheduled to be available in markets starting from spring 2024.


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