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Mercedes-AMG C63s Sedan – Perfect Daily Driver or Impractical Sunday Car?

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Mercedes-AMG C63s Sedan – Perfect Daily Driver or Impractical Sunday Car?

The new Mercedes-AMG C63s Sedan is fast. Like stupid, crazy fast. But what’s it like to live with? It is a sedan, so it should be practical enough to use every day, but it also has a hell-raising petrol V8 which couldn’t possibly be mentioned alongside ‘practical’ in any sentence. We lived with Affalterbach’s BMW M3 killer for a week, and the result was surprising. Let’s ignore power, torque and 0-100km/h times and look at the features that really matter if you’re going to drive this thing every day. 

Practicality - The Mercedes-AMG C63s Sedan has the biggest advantage over its coupe and cabriolet siblings in terms of practicality. It has four doors, four seats and a 357-litre boot that’s big enough to haul luggage and groceries. The high roofline ensures that both front and rear passengers have more than enough head room, while the lengthy wheelbase opens up a fair amount of leg room for all passengers. It’s also rather practical on the road. It doesn’t feel too big, so maneuvering parking lots and actually parking the C63s can be done without much effort. 

The ride height is very well balanced. It’s low enough to give the car a menacing aesthetic but is also just high enough to get up and down driveways without scraping, as well as taking speed humps without needing to climb the bump sideways. There are cameras hidden around the C63s that improve visibility around the car when it comes to things like reversing. The park distance control system also comes in handy when getting out of tight spots.  

Comfort - As beautiful as it is on the outside, the reality is that you’ll spend a lot more time inside the Mercedes-AMG C63s Sedan. The interior is where Benz plays their strengths. There are premium materials all around. Carbon fiber dominates the front of the cabin, complemented by metal air-con vents and really satisfying buttons and dials with a fancy little IWC clock taking center stage. There’s also a lot of leather in the cabin. So much, in fact, that I couldn’t get used to the ‘new-car’ smell and noticed it during every drive. Some people may like that smell, but I found myself getting put off by it very quick. 

The AMG Sport Bucket seats are electrically adjustable and feature a heated function which will come in handy on all of that leather during winter mornings. Sport seats tend to be very uncomfortable, yet these ones felt superb. There are hundreds of different configurations that you can apply to the seat to be as comfortable as possible. The C63s has thick windows and a quiet cabin that softens the growl of the 4.0-litre V8 very well. I found myself driving around, thinking that I was being quiet and inconspicuous only to have been tricked by the mild sound proofing, resulting in many pedestrians turning around to find the source of the subtle V8 symphony. The Comfort drive mode softens the suspension down and gets the C63s to deliver the comfortable ride expected from a C-Class but sitting in traffic with it does feel very tiring. 

Efficiency - The Mercedes-AMG C63s is not efficient, and its unapologetic about it. It doesn’t have an Eco drive mode, so I had to configure Individual mode to make my own Eco mode. This actually surprised me and managed to bring the fuel consumption down by quite a significant amount. This was mostly thanks to the adaptive cruise control, which works seamlessly alongside the lane keep assist to create a semi-autonomous driving experience. 

Verdict - The C63s is a great sports-sedan that proved to be comfortable, practical and kind of efficient. Considering the two distinct personalities of the car, the tradeoff for S-Class comfort in exchange for AMG-GT performance is worth it. 


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