Mazda announces expansion of SUV range from 2022

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Japanese car maker Mazda has announced that it will be expanding its range of SUV's from 2022 onwards. As the body style continues to grow in popularity, many manufacturer's are offering more alternatives to suit different needs - and budgets.

Currently, Mazda offers the CX-3, CX-30 and CX-5 in South Africa. Elsewhere, like in North America, a larger CX-9 is also made available. In Japan (and various other Asian countries) the CX-8 can be had.

Both the CX-8 and CX-9 and larger, more premium product offerings than the CX-5. The MX-30 is also available in various markets.

But the Hiroshima-based brand now wants to expand even further. Four future models are being seen as "potential options,", namely the CX-60, CX-70, CX-80 and CX-90 models. A "CX-50" will be made available in the North American market.

According to various sources, the CX-70 (five-seater) and CX-90 (seven-seater) will feature a wider body design more suited to US roads, for example. As mentioned above, this doesn't mean they won't be sold in other markets. The pair are expected to debut the brand's rear-wheel drive platform and will be sold with straight-six petrol engines, although other engines are most likely in the pipeline.

The narrower body styles, CX-60 (five-seater) and CX-80 (seven-seater) will be sold in numerous markets, with myriad engine options on offer - the revolutionary Skyactiv-D powertrain should make an appearance here. Expect all four offerings to be decidedly upmarket, as Mazda continues to chase a more premium slice of the market share.

Currently, the CX-3 range kicks off at R358 900 for the 2.0 Active, all the way to R486 200 for the 2.0 Hikari. The CX-30 (slightly larger and more premium) kicks of at R469 000 for the 2.0 Active, with the range topping out at the CX-30 2.0 Individual priced at R540 000. At the summit (for now, at least) sits the CX-5. A base-model 2.0 Active will set you back R471 500. Opting for the halo-model - the 2.2DE Akera with all-wheel drive - will require R699 900.

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