Abarth and Stellantis Unveil New Electric Powerhouse

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Abarth and Stellantis Unveil New Electric Powerhouse

Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport have joined forces in an exciting collaboration to usher in a new era of electric automotive excellence. The result? The birth of the most potent Abarth ever, boasting a formidable 178Kw. This partnership is not just a significant milestone; it's a tribute to Abarth's rich racing heritage, where competition has permanently been embedded in its DNA.

Abarth's philosophy revolves around the seamless transfer of cutting-edge racing technologies to their road cars, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience for enthusiasts. This commitment to innovation and performance is mirrored by Motorsport, a crucial entity within the Stellantis Group responsible for overseeing the racing endeavours of its various brands, divisions, and subsidiaries.

This collaboration seamlessly blends Abarth's tradition and heritage in the racing world with Motorsport's vast expertise, creating a synergy to elevate the performance of road cars to new heights. Together, they have meticulously crafted a platform from a fusion of technologies, racing knowledge, engineering prowess, and countless hours of testing, resulting in the birth of a high-performance masterpiece, the Perfo-eCMP platform, derived from the renowned CMP platform.

Each technical component has been rigorously analysed, refined, and fine-tuned by a joint team of engineers, experts, and testers from both Abarth and Motorsport. The outcome is extraordinary – a shining star boasting a high-performance powertrain and suspensions with a dedicated setup that ensures impeccable handling, dynamics, and stability, regardless of the driving conditions. To further enhance its performance, the new Abarth features a unique limited-slip differential tailored to the specific needs of a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) powertrain.

The result is the most powerful Abarth ever produced, a testament to innovation and extreme performance. It is not just a product of tuning but a benchmark where architectural excellence harmoniously coexists with an exceptionally high-performing engine housed in an optimised chassis.

Under the hood, the new Abarth packs a formidable 140Kw complemented by an advanced braking system that provides power and stability through larger brake discs and expanded disc surfaces for improved heat dissipation and resistance to fading.

Derived from Formula E racing experience, the new tires offer maximum grip without compromising range or acoustics. Their softer compound tread on the exterior and centre area ensures enhanced grip during cornering and extended range. Additionally, a polyurethane insert effectively reduces perceived noise levels by 20%.

High-comfort seats designed with racing ergonomics inside the vehicle guarantee a comfortable ride, even during extreme journeys. Comprising four different foams for optimised support across the body, these high-performance seats feature an enveloping shape for cornering stability and heightened lateral support, all while ensuring long-lasting durability.

The Abarth and Motorsport teams have meticulously refined every detail to create a comprehensive package that promises fun, performance, and safety for the brand's ardent enthusiasts. Abarth's electrification journey continues, remaining steadfastly loyal to its performance-focused roots. Stay tuned for more details as this electric marvel prepares to hit the roads.

Founded to celebrate and perpetuate the brand's past and present, Stellantis Motorsport boasts a storied history in racing. With an impressive tally of 27 FIA World Rally Championship manufacturers' titles, 11 Dakar Rally victories, 7 Le Mans triumphs, and active participation in Formula E, World Endurance Championship, and Rally Customer Racing, Stellantis Motorsport exemplifies a commitment to designing cars capable of winning in their respective categories while delivering joy to drivers of all skill levels.

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