“New Toyota GR Yaris: Thrills Amplified!”

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"New Toyota GR Yaris: Thrills Amplified!"

Toyota's legendary GR Yaris has undergone a significant transformation, emerging with enhancements across its technical, design, and structural aspects to amplify its driving experience. Since its inception three years ago, the GR Yaris has been the subject of relentless refinement to elevate its performance, responsiveness, and overall driver engagement.

The GR Yaris's unique chassis has received further reinforcement, solidifying its foundation. The cockpit's layout and the driver's seating position have been meticulously redesigned, ensuring a more genuine sports car ambience, whether navigating regular traffic or dominating motorsport events. The suspension system has been fine-tuned, improving handling and resilience, especially under strenuous conditions. This includes updated spring rates and a fortified front shock absorber assembly.

While the GR Yaris was initially available exclusively with a six-speed intelligent manual transmission, it now caters to a broader audience of driving purists by introducing an automatic option. This new transmission has undergone rigorous testing in the professional motorsport arena, including TGR World Rally Team trials across diverse road conditions, such as those in the Japanese Rally Championship and the Toyota GAZOO Racing Rally Challenge. The aim was to ensure that the automatic transmission is resilient and performs optimally.

The automatic transmission is not just about durability; it's designed to sync with the driver's instincts. Its control software has been fine-tuned to predict gear shifts by monitoring the driver's use of the accelerator and brakes, resulting in swift and intuitive changes. This eight-speed automatic transmission has high heat-resistant friction materials and boasts close ratios to leverage the engine's power spectrum fully.

In tandem with the new transmission option, the GR Yaris's 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine has seen an increase in power, irrespective of the transmission type. The output has been boosted from 200kW to 224kW at 6500rpm, with torque also climbing by 30Nm to 400Nm, available from 3250-4600rpm. The vehicle's all-wheel-drive system, complete with adjustable torque distribution and a new drive mode select system, ensures power is effectively harnessed. This system also allows for adjustments in electronic power steering, air conditioning, and powertrain settings based on the driver's preferences.

Aesthetic enhancements have not been overlooked. The GR Yaris's interior and exterior have received visual updates, including a repositioned dashboard and multimedia screen angled towards the driver for improved usability. Safety and convenience have been significantly boosted with advanced active safety features and Toyota Connected Services, ensuring heightened protection for all occupants.

The new GR Yaris retains the essence of its predecessor but amplifies everything that made the original a standout. It's not just about maintaining the lead but extending it. Toyota South Africa Motors is contemplating the introduction of this refreshed GR Yaris to the local market and will reveal more details when the time is right.



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