Mahindra introduces special edition Pik-Up models

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Mahindra introduces special edition Pik-Up models

 Mahindra has expanded its dynamic range of new Authentic Bakkies with three new special edition Pik Up models. The three special new Pik Up models further expand on the locally designed Karoo range. They signify the authenticity of an honest brand that is designed around the core need of customers who need reliable and capable bakkies that enable them to explore even the toughest terrain. Here is what you need to know.

 Karoo Dusk

 This special edition, which was sold in limited numbers last year, is inspired by the pitch-dark night that one only experiences in a desert and by the many nocturnal creatures that turn the seemingly desolate Karoo into a symphony of life as the sun sets.

 Using the Karoo dusk and nightfall as visual inspiration, Mahindra has painted the Karoo Dusk black and finished it with black and blue Karoo decals.

 The Mahindra designers further finished the sports bar and roller shutter door fitted to the rubberised load bin in pitch black and added a longer sports bar to the front approach bumper.

 Karoo Dawn

 The Karoo Dawn is a new addition to the range and is finished in a sandy beige colour that is popular among farmers and overland enthusiasts.

 This model finds its inspiration in the colours of the early Karoo mornings, as the world starts finding shape in the first light of dawn, with the glistening of fresh dew and the knowledge that the searing desert heat is only a few hours away.

 Mahindra tasked its designers to capture the colours of the desert in the early morning in the design of the Karoo Dawn, leading to the unique body colour and the rich orange highlights in the Karoo decals.

 The Mahindra Karoo Dawn has all the same features of the Karoo Dusk, with the exception of the roller shutter door and long sports bar. Instead, it adds an additional heavy-duty roof rack and flush mounted tonneau cover as standard.

 Karoo Storm

 The third and final special edition version of the Karoo is the Karoo Storm. This model is inspired by the stunning and rare Karoo rainstorms. Mahindra’s designers took their inspiration from similarly named poems, which richly capture the sudden unrest in the Karoo desert as the clouds build, the changing colour of the sky, the way in which windmills start spinning wildly and the thunder cracks to announce an oncoming storm.

 They also referenced the smell of wet desert soil and the eerie calm that follows the quick but violent desert downpour.

 To celebrate the special experience of living through a Karoo storm, Mahindra has finished the Pik Up Karoo Storm in a unique light blue hue that is perfectly accentuated by a black-and-grey Karoo decal set.

 Like its siblings, it has a factory-fitted approach and departure bumper, a rubberised load bay, tonneau cover and special off-road rims and tyres. The Karoo Storm also has a full leather interior as standard, and it has the same hardy rubber mats that are standard across the special Karoo range.

 All three special edition models are built on the upgraded Pik Up Karoo platform.

Mahindra has upgraded the Karoo range to now feature new decals as standard. Ditto the branded Karoo interior carpets, a nudge bar and load bin-mounted sports bar with Karoo detailing.

 For this range of special Pik Up models, Mahindra has upgraded the cloth seats to leather upholstery and have bumped up the infotainment system from a 7” to a large HD 9” system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and in-built maps.

 All Karoo and Karoo Special Edition models are fitted with Mahindra’s mHawk 2.2 turbo diesel engine. The engine delivers 103kW and a solid 320Nm of torque.

 In the Special Edition models, buyers are treated to the new six-speed Aisin automatic transmission, making it the perfect stand-out bakkie for every type of user. This transmission was extensively tested in South Africa before its global launch on the Pik Up Karoo S11 in 2020.









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