The 2023 Range Rover Velar redefines luxury

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The 2023 Range Rover Velar redefines luxury

On November 20, 2023, in Pretoria, South Africa, the Range Rover Velar introduced cutting-edge technologies, elevating its connectivity and sophistication to unprecedented levels. These innovations complement a beautifully minimalist design.

Central to the Velar's interior transformation is the next-generation Pivi Pro9 infotainment system, featuring an all-new 11.4-inch curved glass touchscreen. This intuitive interface grants drivers effortless control over various vehicle settings, including volume, climate, and seat adjustments, seamlessly integrated into the digital display1.

Connectivity takes centre stage with seamless smartphone pairing, offering Wireless Apple CarPlay and standard Wireless Android Auto®. Moreover, Wireless Device Charging eliminates cable clutter for a hassle-free connection.

The Range Rover Velar proudly debuts the latest Pivi Pro9 infotainment technology, seamlessly integrated within the sleek 11.4-inch curved glass screen, creating a floating effect. User-friendly features include climate, seating, and audio controls, readily accessible through finger sliding or simple tapping, thanks to the familiar three-panel layout. Approximately 80 per cent of tasks can be accomplished within two taps from the home screen.

A Pre-Drive panel simplifies access to standard features at the beginning of each journey, such as window demisters and optional heated seats. Once in motion, this panel transforms into a customisable three-panel home screen to cater to individual preferences.

The Pivi Pro9 system places climate controls within easy reach of the driver, incorporating multi-functional sliding controls on either side of the display. Virtual buttons remain visible and provide instant access to frequently used functions, including individual temperature adjustments, audio volume, and Terrain Response mode selection. A light hold and drag action or a simple tap on the icon controls these sliders. In contrast, additional controls are conveniently positioned along the display's vertical edges for media, navigation, cameras, and window demisters.

Pivi Pro9 ensures effortless smartphone connectivity with Wireless Apple CarPlay, seamlessly integrated into the curved glass display. Wireless Android Auto is also available, along with fast charging options for passengers through up to three USB-C sockets throughout the cabin.

Constant connectivity is assured with Software Over The Air4 technology, allowing clients to download updates conveniently. Nearly 80 per cent of the vehicle's total ECUs are capable of wireless updates, eliminating the need for dealership visits.

Pivi Pro11 boasts twin embedded eSIM technology and cloud-based architecture, offering access to various online apps integrated into the infotainment system, including Spotify, without relying on a smartphone connection.

Pivi Pro9 integrates navigation, enabling drivers to pinpoint precise locations using just three words, even without mobile connectivity.

The next-generation infotainment system underwent rigorous testing, combining digital simulations and human testing to streamline tasks and interactions, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Customisation options extend to the 12.3-inch TFT Interactive Driver Display, enhancing usability.

During driving, an optional full-colour Head-up Display projects essential vehicle and journey information, reducing distractions.

A range of potent MeridianTM sound systems, including the MeridianTM 3D Surround Sound System, provides a high-fidelity music experience. In contrast, the Active Road Noise Cancellation6 system minimises external noise intrusion for a serene cabin.

Cabin Air Purification Plus enhances well-being by providing cleaner interior air, featuring PM2.5 Filtration and CO2 Management. Cabin Air Ionisation technology helps cleanse the environment of allergens and odors5.

Advanced Pixel LED Headlights7 with Signature Daytime Running Lights optimise illumination, offering adaptive features, while Adaptive Driving Beam technology enhances visibility.

The 3D Surround Camera and Park Assist technology makes manoeuvring effortless, providing a 360-degree view and automatic parking assistance.

 Remote App8 allows smartphone users to access critical vehicle information and control functions, making the Velar a truly connected and convenient vehicle.

For plug-in electric hybrid models, owners can monitor electric range, charge status, and cabin temperature through Pre-Conditioning, utilising mains power for climate control.

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