Range Rover Velar: Your Sanctuary on Wheels - Unveiling the Pinnacle of Comfort and Wellbeing

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Tranquil Haven: The Range Rover Velar Introduces an Innovative Suite of Comfort and Wellbeing Features for a Relaxing Drive

Pretoria, 28 August 2023 – The Range Rover Velar sets the benchmark for Range Rover luxury, elevating comfort and convenience to enhance the overall sense of wellbeing for all occupants.

A repertoire of cutting-edge technologies ushers in a new era of refinement on every journey, incorporating state-of-the-art cabin air purification, noise-cancellation, and advanced chassis systems to ensure a serene and enjoyable experience on the road.

Active Road Noise Cancellation

Experience the epitome of serenity with the Range Rover Velar's pioneering Active Road Noise Cancellation technology1. This intelligent system guarantees the quietest cabin in its class*, functioning akin to high-end noise-canceling headphones. Continuously monitoring road surface vibrations, it calculates and generates sound waves that counteract external noise perceived by passengers.

Active Road Noise Cancellation is a standard feature across all models and employs accelerometers located within each wheel arch to detect vibrations that contribute to road noise. The system then formulates an audio signal that it plays through the speakers, effectively reducing interior noise levels by a minimum of four decibels.

Moreover, this technology utilizes seatbelt sensors to fine-tune its output according to the number of passengers and their seating positions, ensuring a customized and tranquil atmosphere inside the vehicle.

The results are subtle yet profound, delivering a more peaceful drive and mitigating the fatigue often induced by prolonged exposure to low-frequency noises during extended journeys.

Enhanced Cabin Air

The Range Rover Velar offers the latest Cabin Air Purification Plus system to create a healthier cabin environment, an integral part of the optional Comfort Pack. This system employs advanced technologies that harmoniously collaborate to elevate every journey by enhancing interior air quality.

The air filtration system utilizes a PM2.5 Enhanced Filtration setup, equipped with both external and internal sensors to monitor fine particulate concentrations. To activate the system, simply press the "Purify" button on the Air Quality page within Pivi Pro4, allowing it to automatically detect, display, and reduce PM2.5 levels within the vehicle.

Upon activation, Cabin Air Ionization and CO2 Management come into play. CO2 Management continually tracks CO2 levels both inside and outside the vehicle, dynamically adjusting the airflow within the Range Rover Velar to actively reduce carbon dioxide levels within the cabin by introducing fresh external air when necessary.

Cabin Air Purification Plus also incorporates Cabin Air Ionization, an advanced feature that improves wellbeing by ionizing individual particles, effectively eliminating potential allergens, viruses, airborne bacteria, and associated odors5.

This system can be activated via Pivi Pro or set to engage automatically when the "Purify" function is selected. Drivers can also access real-time Air Quality Index levels for their current location or destination, along with air quality forecasts.

For unparalleled convenience, cabin air can be purified remotely before embarking on a journey, thanks to the smartphone app, ensuring every trip begins with pristine interior air quality.

Inviting Interior

The Range Rover Velar embraces its passengers with newly designed, highly supportive multi-adjustable seats. These seats are accompanied by a range of color and material choices, offering five leather color options, including Ebony, Cloud, Deep Garnet, Raven Blue, and Caraway, depending on the model.

For instance, Range Rover Velar Dynamic SE models feature 14-way front seats with driver memory, while Dynamic HSE models boast 20-way front seats with driver memory and a power reclining function for the rear seats.

At the pinnacle of luxury, the Range Rover Velar Autobiography is furnished with heated and cooled 20-way massage front seats with driver memory and rear power recline. These seats come adorned in exquisite Windsor leather as standard, with optional perforated UltrafabricsTM and KvadratTM textile seats also available, providing a tactile fabric option featuring a sophisticated Diamond Herringbone pattern.

The vehicle's interior can be further personalized with Configurable Cabin Lighting, offering a selection of 30 interior colors for subtle lighting accents in the doors, console, and footwells. Preset color themes simplify the process of finding the perfect color combination.

Upon entering the Range Rover Velar, a warm white light complements the exterior welcome lighting, creating a consistent and sophisticated ambiance each time the vehicle is unlocked. Once the vehicle is started, the Configurable Cabin Lighting recalls the driver's previous settings.

Range Rover Velar effortlessly combines comfort with practicality, providing easy access to the load space through a Powered Tailgate. This opens up to a generous luggage area, offering up to 748 liters with the rear seats in place, or a capacious 1,811 liters with the rear seats folded down.

Comfort-Enhancing Chassis Systems

The Range Rover Velar maintains its signature Range Rover ride comfort and refinement through a suite of advanced chassis and suspension systems. The optional Electronic Air Suspension guarantees luxurious ride comfort in all conditions, accompanied by a range of additional features designed to enhance convenience and off-road capability, boasting a maximum ground clearance of 251mm.

Among its features, Elegant Arrival automatically reduces the Range Rover Velar's body height by 40mm for easy entry and exit, while Auto Access Height lowers the maximum body height to 1,638mm to accommodate height-restricted areas. Active Speed Lowering2 enhances fuel efficiency at speeds exceeding 105km/h by reducing the vehicle's height to minimize aerodynamic drag.

The Electronic Air Suspension is also self-leveling, ensuring the ideal ride height when towing heavy loads, promoting comfort and stability. It also aids in hitching a trailer or loading and unloading the boot, allowing for a 50mm suspension height adjustment through controls within the luggage compartment.

The Range Rover Velar's cosseting ride quality further enhances overall refinement with the inclusion of Adaptive Dynamics, an advanced chassis system that continuously adjusts damping forces at each wheel, monitoring wheel movements 500 times per second and body movements 100 times per second. This feature is a standard inclusion across all models.

Additionally, driving characteristics can be personalized to suit the driver's preferences using Configurable Dynamics, fine-tuning specific chassis and powertrain elements to match road conditions and driving style.

Tailored Option Packs

Elevating the Range Rover ownership experience, a range of new Option Packs combines essential features to simplify the customization of the Range Rover Velar. These packs include:

  1. Comfort Pack – Featuring the advanced Cabin Air Purification Plus system, Four-zone Climate Control, Configurable Cabin Lighting, a solar attenuating windscreen, and a lockable cooled glovebox for utmost convenience and comfort.

  2. Technology Pack – Equipped with a Head-up Display that projects essential driving information into the driver's view, a 3D Surround Camera system, and Park Assist to make low-speed maneuvers effortless. Wade Sensing aids in traversing deep water.

  3. Driver Assist Pack – Offering peace of mind with Blind Spot Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist, Rear Collision Monitor, and Rear Traffic Monitor for added reassurance during every drive.

  4. Dynamic Handling Pack – Elevating driving engagement and composure with Configurable Dynamics, Electronic Air Suspension, and Adaptive Dynamics. The addition of red brake calipers provides a dynamic appearance.

  5. Cold Climate Pack – Ideal for colder climates, this pack includes heated elements such as a heated windscreen, heated front seats (or heated and cooled front seats2), heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, and headlight power wash for improved visibility.

  6. Extreme Cold Climate Pack – Expanding on the Cold Climate Pack, this includes Cabin Pre-Conditioning, enabling owners to set and pre-condition the cabin's ambient temperature before embarking on a journey, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere from the outset.

  7. Towing Pack – Designed for towing enthusiasts, this pack incorporates Advanced Tow Assist, an electrically deployable tow bar, and a 3D Surround Camera to facilitate effortless towing and maneuvering, with Wade Sensing also included for fording deeper waters.

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