New Range Rover Evoque: A Charismatic and Luxurious SUV

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New Range Rover Evoque: A Charismatic and Luxurious SUV

The new Range Rover Evoque combines a charismatic and sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology and luxurious materials, making it the ideal choice for modern luxury clients. With its reductive exterior design and optimized proportions, the Evoque stands out as a true original in the SUV market. The latest model features a range of updates, including new colors, sophisticated finishes, and enhanced technology.

Serene Comfort and Captivating Technology

The redesigned center console ensures a serene cabin, crafted from the finest materials, and offers more usable interior space. The Evoque features a new floating 11.4-inch curved glass touchscreen, providing full digital control over key vehicle functions. Powered by the latest advanced Pivi Pro2 infotainment system, this touchscreen offers a seamless and comfortable digital experience.

Leather-Free Luxury and Technical Innovations

Range Rover Evoque sets itself apart by offering the only SUV in its class with KvadratTM 3 wool blend fabric, a luxurious and contemporary alternative to leather. The Evoque also boasts advanced technical features, such as new Pixel LED headlights with chiseled front and rear signature graphics, providing increased visibility and reduced glare for other road users. The interior air quality technology in the Evoque promotes well-being and heightens driver alertness.

Electric Hybrid Performance and Zero Tailpipe Emissions

The P300e electric hybrid variant of the Range Rover Evoque offers an electric-only range of up to 62km, allowing for average daily journeys to be completed solely in EV mode*. This electric hybrid model also provides CO2 emissions as low as 31g/km, with rapid DC charging capabilities for fast top-ups, enabling 0-80% charging in as little as 30 minutes. The Evoque's electric hybrid performance combines environmental consciousness with impressive power.

Beauty, Control, and Curated Luxury

The Range Rover Evoque offers beauty from every angle with its captivating design and sophisticated camera technologies. With features like 3D Surround View, ClearSight Ground ViewTM, and Rear View, the Evoque provides enhanced visibility and driver reassurance. The Evoque also offers convenient wireless control with regular Software Over The Air downloads and a Remote app for checking vehicle status and remotely controlling various functions.

The new Autobiography model represents the pinnacle of Range Rover luxury in a compact SUV. The Range Rover Evoque is available for order now.


Range Rover Evoque D200 Dynamic SE: R1,258,100

Range Rover Evoque D200 Dynamic HSE: R1,310,900

Range Rover Evoque D200 Autobiography: R1,422,200

Range Rover Evoque P300e Dynamic SE: R1,647,900

Range Rover Evoque P300e Dynamic HSE: R1,702,000

In conclusion, the new Range Rover Evoque combines charisma, luxury, and advanced technology to offer an exceptional driving experience. With its reductive design, superior performance, and innovative features, the Evoque stands out as a top choice in the luxury SUV market.

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