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Chinese automaker GWM has whipped off the covers of its latest SA-bound pickup

GWM has used the Shanghai Auto Show to unveil what is their interpretation of the Toyota Tundra. But whereas the Tundra is a full-size pickup, GWM’s new nameless pickup truck is a mid-size pickup, and will replace their Steed 6 as their flagship pickup when it debuts in South Africa.

While it may look like the mighty Tundra from the front, the new pickup – which will likely be called the Steed 8 or Steed 9 – sports a very premium-looking interior, reminiscent of GWM’s brilliant Haval H9. Expect a plush quilted leather interior, combined with other cabin highlights including a 9-inch touchscreen, climate control and a remote vehicle start function. The rear is heavily inspired by the Ford F-150 though. The reality is this new pickup is unlike anything GWM Pickup have produced before, and this bold departure will surely pay dividends.

The overall style of this model is more aggressive than anything before it, with stronger wheel hub styles and flared fender modelling and additional wheel arch covers. Added to this, the pickup adopts a custom front and rear bumper with capstans holes in the front bumper, a tow hook in the rear bumper as well as roof racks, making this easily one of the most attractive pickups on the planet.

And according to GWM, the "GWM 4x4 pickup" (seen above) will come standard with a winch, snorkel and three-way differential lock as standard. It'll have a seven-setting off-road mode selector system, and will offer “segment-leading four-wheel-drive capabilities and 900mm fording depth”.

It might draw design inspiration from some of the most influential pickups in history – which is a really good thing – but it is important to remember that when this does reach market, it will no doubt be very well received. This is because GWM have been building solid pickups for years, and being the largest manufacturer of pickups and SUVs in China, they know a thing or three about building a quality, and reliable product.

The really great news is that this pickup will be launched in South Africa. But at this stage, little is known about the technical specifications of the freshly unveiled pickup. What we do know is that it will be produced in three different versions: a commercial pickup, a passenger model and an all-electric model that will have a range of up to 500kms.

Sources within GWM have said that the pickup with ride on a new P71 platform, which will also underpin the next generation of Haval’s luxurious H9. In terms of dimensions though, the pickup measures 5,425 mm long, 1,972 mm wide and 1,893 mm high, while a wheelbase stands at 3,230 mm.

GWM say that the pickup will arrive in South Africa towards the latter part of 2020, with final specification and available engines set to be disclosed at a later stage.

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