GWM Tank 300's arrival marks a new era for South Africa's 4x4 Enthusiasts

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GWM Tank 300's arrival marks a new era for South Africa's 4x4 Enthusiasts

Great Wall Motors (GWM) has officially launched the Tank 300 in South Africa, signalling a significant expansion of its offerings in the local automotive market. The introduction of Tank, alongside another new brand, Ora, adds to GWM's existing portfolio, including Haval and the P-Series. The Tank 300, a medium-sized SUV poised to compete directly with stalwarts like the Toyota Fortuner, represents GWM's ambition to carve out a significant niche in the off-road and lifestyle segment in South Africa and beyond.

GWM Tank has already established itself as a reputable off-road lifestyle brand in markets such as China and Australia, where it resonates with enthusiasts who have a penchant for overlanding and exploring lesser-trodden paths. Bianca van Staden, head of marketing, brand, and PR at GWM South Africa, expressed confidence in the brand's appeal to the South African market, citing a shared passion for adventure among local consumers. "That is why we are very confident that the GWM Tank 300 and future GWM Tank models will find a welcome home among South Africans," van Staden remarked.

The Tank 300 distinguishes itself with a robust ladder frame chassis constructed predominantly from 1,500Mpa steel, ensuring durability and resilience. Its sophisticated suspension system, which includes a multi-link rear and double-wishbone front setup, complements the vehicle's rugged chassis. Including multiple towing, recovery hooks, and a balanced drivetrain, underscores the Tank 300's readiness for any adventure.

GWM has developed two advanced 4x4 systems for the Tank 300 platform. The internal combustion models will feature an All-Terrain Driving System with Multi-Terrain Select, promising versatility across various driving conditions. Meanwhile, the hybrid electric model boasts a unique all-time four-wheel drive system with electronic management and low range, offering drivers a comprehensive suite of modes, including Normal, Economic, Sport, Stone, Snow, Sand, and Low-Range 4x4 driving (4L).

All versions of the Tank 300 come equipped with an electronically controlled rear differential lock and underbody protection, highlighting its technical off-road capabilities. The vehicle's impressive ground clearance of 224mm, approach, departure, and ramp-over angles ensure it can easily tackle challenging terrains. The maximum climb gradient rating of 70% and a wading depth of 700mm further attest to its off-road prowess.

The Tank 300 is available in various drivetrain and power configurations, including a turbo-petrol engine with variable boost technology and a hybrid electric version that showcases GWM's engineering expertise. The hybrid model, in particular, offers a compelling combination of power, torque, and fuel efficiency, complemented by an iBooster Intelligent Braking System for energy regeneration.

With pricing for the Tank 300 starting at R725,950 for the Super Luxury model and extending to R851,950 for the hybrid variant, GWM is positioning the Tank 300 as a competitive option for consumers seeking a capable and luxurious off-road vehicle. The arrival of the Tank 300 not only enriches GWM's product lineup in South Africa but also introduces a formidable contender in the country's 4x4 segment, promising to meet the demands of the most adventurous drivers.



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