Volvo EM90: A-Premium Electric MPV

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Volvo EM90: A-Premium Electric MPV

Introducing the Volvo EM90, a premium MPV fully powered by electricity. It's not just a mobile haven of comfort; it's a vehicle that enhances your life, creating cherished moments with your loved ones. The EM90 also represents a significant stride in broadening Volvo Cars' appeal and catering to diverse customer needs.

This innovative EM90 showcases the ability to adapt and meet market demands. The Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) segment, particularly in parts of Asia, has seen a surge in popularity. The EM90 has been launched in China, the world's largest automobile market.

Following the earlier success of the award-winning, fully electric EX30 small SUV, the EM90 marks the second expansion in the model range. The EX30 and EM90 are instrumental in reaching new audiences, expanding their global presence, and achieving profitable growth.

Moreover, the EM90 reinforces the commitment to becoming a fully electric car manufacturer by 2030. In the coming years, Volvo will introduce a complete family of new, fully electric Volvo cars that meet customer expectations with zero emissions.

This refreshed model portfolio aligns with sustainability goals, ensuring that the brand will exclusively offer electric cars by 2030. Still, it will also propel them toward sustainable mobility leadership and profitable growth.

Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo Cars, emphasised, "With the EM90, we're bringing Volvo Cars' heritage and safety leadership to the exciting electric MPV segment. It allows us to explore new market demand and expand the appeal of the Volvo brand."

Volvo's versatility is extensive, dating back to the iconic Volvo Duett of 1953, designed for versatility and spaciousness long before the MPV segment existed. Even today, the Duett remains highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. It served both families and businesses in Scandinavia and the United States.

In subsequent decades, the Duett inspired our renowned estate models and played a pivotal role in shaping the EM90.

The EM90 represents a significant addition to the electric portfolio, solidifying the brand's position as one of the fastest-growing brands in the premium electric segment. While the excellent MPV segment in China is relatively small now, it holds great importance. In the spirit of the Duett, our EM90 premium MPV serves dual purposes, catering to family needs and transforming into an executive business transport with a luxurious interior for meetings and calls.

The Volvo EM90 will debut in China and is available for pre-orders there. 

Greg Maruszewski, Managing Director at Volvo Car South Africa, stated, "We're witnessing a growing demand for electric vehicles in South Africa, and we believe that the EM90, with its high-end luxury and comfort, will be warmly received by those seeking a business-class experience." 

While no official announcements have been made regarding its availability in South Africa, the future looks promising.


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