Revving up with passion, moments from SA’s Vdub camp fest

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Revving up with passion, moments from SA’s Vdub camp fest

Recently, I had the privilege of joining Volkswagen South Africa for the largest Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) event in the southern hemisphere, known as the Vdub Camp Festival, held in Bela-Bela.

The Media gathered at Volkswagen South Africa's headquarters in Sandton, Gauteng. Selection of Volkswagen's newest Golf and Tiguan R models awaited us designated for our road trip to Bela-Bela, Limpopo. 

Arriving in Bela-Bela, it was evident the Vdub Camp Festival was in full swing, with a plethora of unique VAG vehicles lining the streets.

The festival showcases diversity, from Tiguan Rs with Audi RS3 engines to Amarok V6s on air suspension. The welcoming atmosphere created by the attendees, coming together over their shared passion for cars, was truly remarkable.

This yearly tradition of celebrating Volkswagen's most iconic cars spans over a decade, which is extraordinary.

Volkswagen enthusiasts and fans can visit the event for just a day or, even better, spend the whole weekend immersed in the Vdub culture, choosing between camping or other lodging options.

Attendees can look forward to various live demos sponsored by brands, first looking at new industry products and unique Camp Fest activities.

Chazlin Haskins, one of the festival organizers, shared his pride in the event's growth over 14 years. Originating in 2009, the Vdub Camp Festival has expanded from a one-day car show to a three-day event, unofficially extending to five days to accommodate early arrivals.

The V-dub festival was a great place to be, with the wow factor, and of course, it was probably Africa's biggest gathering of cars in the southern hemisphere. 

Some highlights were the Volkswagen MK1s with R32 engines, which looked and sounded wild. There were three of them, and all of them were custom-built from the ground up.

The event was a testament to the incredible modifications and enhancements owners make to their vehicles.

In addition, I believe the Tiguan R, with a swapped Audi RS3 engine, was present. It was the cherry on top. The total cost of the build totalled R1.8 million, talking about speciality and being one-on-one in the country which this mighty Tiguan RS3 was.

I think, overall,  the V-dub festival was a great success. And I guess it's something that every car enthusiast should attend to pay homage to the VW brand, as Volkswagen Group South Africa plays a significant role in our country with the whole love of the car culture. The VW badge is popular with many people who support it.

Another thing is it's for everyone to come to enjoy, from the petrol heads to the mechanics who keep adding, building and modifying. These builds mind you could take could take 3-4 years; that's what I call dedication in its finest form. 

Overall, the V-Dub fest is where VW owners can meet and revere the brand for its quality and open-mindedness to engage the public more intimately.

Haskins aimed to provide an unforgettable experience, hoping to attract return visitors and continually evolve the festival. He summed it up as a celebration of "amazing cars and amazing vibes" for VAG enthusiasts. 

Indeed, it was unforgettable. This event was for the books; I'm looking forward to 2025; let's see what that entails.  



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