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How MyNetstar can keep you safe on the road this Easter

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How the new MyNetstar (a progressive web app) (PWA) can keep you safe on the road this Easter

 With the long weekend on the way, we can expect increased volumes of traffic on our roads. As a road user, you already know that this usually brings with it a few issues in terms of congestion and a flurry of impatient holiday goers rushing to their destination.

 Unfortunately, we also tend to see an increase in vehicle accidents and thefts, with the 2021 Easter weekend alone resulting in 189 crashes and 235 fatalities nationwide, according to Arrive Alive’s data. Netstar has recently developed a vehicle monitoring system that offers a few safety solutions for drivers, including live vehicle tracking and all that it enables.

 What is MyNetstar?

MyNetstar is a brand-new online platform where personal vehicle tracking customers can track their vehicles and manage & monitor most aspects of their Netstar account – whether on a desktop or smartphone.

 What does it offer?

The MyNetstar web app allows you to not only track your vehicle, but set parameters like special geo-zone areas to ensure that your vehicle is extra secure. There are various packages available which range from the entry-level Netstar Nano right up to the Early Warning package. The latter is the most comprehensive vehicle tracking and recovery option with all-round protection for you and your family.

 Vehicle tracking

This feature is a must-have, especially when you or a family member is behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. It is especially useful over the festive season or those busy long weekends. This feature lets you geo-track your vehicle, monitor speed, view trip reports, logbooks and more.

 This is a great feature as it enables you to monitor the vehicle no matter where it is. Now you can make sure that those behind the wheel remain within the speed limit, track their driving style and ensure that they get to where they need to be safely. This also eliminates the need to constantly ask where your loved ones are, which usually happens via text message while they are driving. Vehicle tracking lets you watch over them from a distance without them even knowing.

 Geo Zones

Another feature offered by the MyNetstar web app is geo-zoning. This enables you to set areas where your vehicle may or may not go and thus get alerts when it ventures into these areas. Let’s say that you have gone away over the long weekend and left a vehicle at home with your teenager. The online platform will alert you when the vehicle enters an area or travels too far from home. You can thus stay on top of things and be aware of what is happening with the vehicle.

 Other features include:
• Early Warning Theft Alert, which notifies you and Netstar the moment your vehicle is stolen.

• Auto-arm Proximity Tag, which automatically activates the Early Warning functionality on your device whenever you leave your vehicle.

• MyNetstar Auto-arm, which allows you to check the status of your Early Warning feature right from your smartphone.
• Panic Button, for assistance in the event of a hi-jacking.

• Tow-away Alert, which notifies you in the event that your vehicle moves while it’s switched off.

 As mentioned, there are various packages available that offer different features as well as price points to suit your specific needs and budget. The MyNetstar web app makes monitoring, tracking and recording vehicle data easy, effective and efficient. It also enables you to alert the rapid response team when an issue arises which gives you peace of mind no matter where you are.

 For more information or to buy your Netstar tracking system online, visit Netstar.co.za now and rest assured no matter where the road may take you.


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