POWER CORRUPTS - AMG GLC 63 S vs Model X P100d vs SRT Trackhawk

A few years ago, it would be impossible to think of an AMG as anything other than a ‘bahnstormer’. However, things in Affalterbach have been evolving, much to the chagrin of their rivals, and AMG are producing – in typical “one man one engine” fashion, some of the best vehicles the world has ever seen.

Whereas AMG’s of yesterday were straight line missiles, often with a massive V8 under the hood, times have changed – a little. Just recently Mercedes-Benz revealed that both the AMG GT63 S and the AMG GLC63 S have secured Nurburgring lap records in their class. And then there was the AMG GT R Pro that posted a 7:04 around the famed track.

But while AMG’s are becoming more and more track focused, this doesn’t mean they can’t mix it with the best in a straight up drag-race anymore. While, their engines have reduced in size, the boffins at the Affalterbach have found a replacement for displacement – high-tech trickery learnt from their Formula 1 success, and boost. 

Take the GLC63 S for instance. Under its hood is a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 that produces 375kw and 700nm. It shares its powerplant with the mighty C63 S, but the key difference here is that while the C63 S is rear-wheel drive, the GLC63 S is all-wheel drive, which is why it can blitz from 0-100kph in just 3.8 seconds, and can run to a stop speed of 280kph.

But how will the compact SUV compare when it comes up against two performance juggernauts – the all-electric Tesla Model X P100d and the quarter-mile king, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk.

While the Tesla Model X isn’t available in South Africa, the Jeep Trackhawk will be landing soon. Billed as the most powerful SUV on the planet, the Jeep uses a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 to produces 527kw and 875nm; and when it launches in South Africa shortly, it’s expected to carry a price tag of around R2.5 million.

The Tesla though, tips the scales at over 2.5 tons, but offsets its incredible bulk with two electric motors and a high-tech all-wheel drive that produces an incredible 567kw and 1072nm. Much like the Tesla Model S, it’s proven to be able to despatch supercars like nothing else. 

So how will the R1 579 282 AMG GLC63 S compare? Watch this….

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