Mercedes-Benz reveals their charging concept for the EQS

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Mercedes-Benz reveals their charging concept for the EQS

It is no secret that a wave of electric cars is upon us and heavyweights such as Mercedes-Benz is part of this wave. With the all-new EQS coming out to European markets, many have been wanting to more about its charging function and luckily, we have some information about it. For starters, Mercedes has titled the EQS charging function, Plug & Charge, and apparently, it's set to make charging one's EQS easier and more at public charging stations. The EQS will start charging as soon as the charging cable is plugged in, no further authentication from the customer will be required. How it works is that the vehicle and the charging station will communicate directly through the charging cable. 

As done before, Mercedes me Charge customers will continue to benefit from the integrated payment function with automatic payment. From there, customers will be able to choose their preferred payment method. After that, every charging process is then automatically debited. The individual charging processes are then listed in a monthly invoice. More information about the charging station’s compatibility with Plug & Charge will be available on the navigation map of the EQS and in the Mercedes me App. Drivers will also be able to search for a specific or nearest charging station. The convenience of the authentication method will be available at the IONITY rapid charging stations throughout Europe and at selected stations in America.  

Now that we know all the EQS charging functions, the highly anticipated EQS is set to arrive in the market in August. The EQS has been considered an all-electric member in the S-Class segment meaning that luxury while being electric is a top priority. The EQS has claimed to reach a range of more than 700 kilometres and has met all the requirements for a progressive saloon in the S-Class segment. It's clear that Mercedes-Benz does aim to make its next generation of electric vehicles more luxurious and executive in comparison to its rivals, and with the EQS on its way, it's clear that they are in the right direction.  

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