Mercedes-Benz has revealed its new MBUX hyperscreen

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Mercedes-Benz has revealed its new MBUX hyperscreen 

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its new MBUX hypercreen and it has caused quite the topic of discussion in the motor industry. The MBUX Hyperscreen has been dubbed the ‘in-car cinema’ and will become one of the key highlights in the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS.  

The screen’s size will be quite large, measuring at 56-inches in width. It will come in a curve shape and will stretch from left to the right. The key component here however is its added artificial intelligence (AI). This state-of-the-art software is capable of learning, the display and operating concept needed for the driver. It will then adapt itself completely to meet the driver’s needs, thus ensuring a personalized bond between the vehicle and driver. 

Users will no longer have to always scroll or give voice commands to access their applications. As the MBUX hyperscreen will keep the most important applications at the top level in full view. This of course takes away any unnecessary operating steps, ensuring that the EQS driver has their full focus on the road ahead. The MBUX Hyperscreen will also be an attentive assistant for the passenger as each will receive their own display and operating area. Integrated ambient lighting is installed in the lower part of the MBUX Hyperscreen, making the display appear as if it's floating on the instrument panel. 

The MBUX hyperscreen will offer some of the best graphics available on the market, and that is all thanks to the use of OLED technology. This technology will ensure that the display is always radiating in colour, resulting in brilliant imagery throughout, regardless of the angle of view and lighting conditions. As it appears, the MBUX hypercreen will be revolutionary and will in essence simplify the operation of a Mercedes-Benz. The MBUX hypercreen will be optionally available on the Mercedes-Benz EQS when it's launched in 2022. 

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