Hyundai introduces electrified RM20e Racing Midship Sports Car prototype

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Hyundai introduces electrified RM20e Racing Midship Sports Car prototype  

Hyundai has officially introduced the world to the electrified RM20e Racing Midship Sports Car. The term ‘Racing Midship’ or ‘RM’ refers to N prototype models.  

Project RM was launched by Hyundai in 2012 and is aimed to develop and connect new high-performance motorsports technologies with future N models. The RM series has seen some progression, with projects such as including RM14, RM15, RM16, and RM19. In fact, in 2019 Hyundai developed their first-ever electric race car - the Veloster N eTCR.   

Albert Biermann, President and Head of the Research and Development Division at the Hyundai Motor Group states that the new electrified RM20e pushes the proven RM platform forcefully into a new, environmentally-focused decade of the 21stcentury, stretching the performance envelope of electrification on normal road environments.  

The RM20 is certainly a bold way to start a new chapter, as this electric beast produces a whopping 596kW with 960 Nm of torque. It is expected to rocket from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and 0 to 200 km\h at 9,88 seconds.   

The RM20e uses its midship-based motor placement and rear-drive layout to reach the traction required for this level of acceleration. It somehow combines all the race-car levels of performance, balance, braking and grip while still being a casual daily drive.  

The RM20e will come equipped with a 60-kWh battery that has a peak voltage of 705 V and fast-charging capacity of 800 V. The RM20e will be a two-seat, two-door coupé and will come in a white Veloster N body. On the inside, is a Veloster N TCR designed steering wheel with rack-mounted motor-driven power steering. Other features on the interior include Sabelt® sport seats as well as a 6-point safety harness system.  

To make things even more exciting, Hyundai’s recent investment and partnership with Rimac Automobili has allowed co-development of both BEV and FCEV prototypes. Meaning that the electrified RM platform will continue to evolve along with the growth of this RIMAC partnership.   

The ‘N’ of Hyundai N models stands for Namyang, which is home to where the Hyundai’s N model concept originated from, right in the town of Namyang, South Korea. The close relationship between Namyang and the Nürburgring created the foundation for N, which was to build on the company’s motorsport experience, by introducing new and exciting road dynamics for all its customers. Each Hyundai Motor’s model taking part in the accelerated durability tests will have to complete 420 to 480 laps on the track in Nürburgring, in both wet and dry conditions.   

Hyundai Motor Group has set a plan to distribute 44 eco-friendly models by 2025, making the Hyundai N brand the forefront of environmental responsibility. 

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