The New Ford Ranger Wildtrak X Redefines Off-Road Adventure

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The New Ford Ranger Wildtrak X Redefines Off-Road Adventure

 The Ford Ranger Wildtrak X, a powerhouse in off-road performance, combines innovative technology with rugged design, redefining the standards for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. 

Priced at R1 013 000, this trail-blazing model features advanced systems like Trail Turn Assist and Trail Control, elevating the off-road driving experience.

The Wildtrak X debuts Trail Turn Assist, enhancing manoeuvrability in tight off-road turns and reducing the turning circle by 25 per cent. This game-changer for off-road navigation ensures drivers can tackle challenging terrains with increased confidence and ease. 

The technology complements the Trail Control feature, previously introduced in the Ranger Raptor, providing superior control in challenging conditions by managing acceleration and braking, allowing the driver to focus on steering.

This model isn't just about advanced technology but also practicality. It introduces the segment's first Flexible Rack System, an optional feature, making transporting equipment like ladders or kayaks more convenient and freeing up significant cargo space. This system is user-friendly, requiring no tools for setup, indicating Ford's attention to the practical, everyday needs of drivers.

The Wildtrak X is the first of its kind, boasting Ford's on-demand four-wheel-drive system with an automatic mode (4A) alongside 2H, 4H, and 4L options, catering to various off-road requirements. This versatility ensures readiness for all terrains, making it an ideal companion for any adventure.

Doreen Mashinini, Ford South Africa's General Manager for Marketing, highlights the model's unique appeal, acknowledging its blend of innovative technology, performance, and style. The Wildtrak X isn't just a vehicle; it's an experience encouraging drivers to explore beyond their limits.

The vehicle's stance is broader by 30mm, supporting stability in off-road conditions. The ground clearance is also up by 26mm, a subtle but critical enhancement in navigating rough terrains. These improvements and new 17-inch alloy wheels and all-terrain tyres contribute to the vehicle's robust appearance and functionality. The inclusion of Bilstein Position-Sensitive Dampers affirms its off-road readiness, offering unparalleled performance.

Ford's innovation shines with the Flexible Rack System, a blend of functionality and convenience. It features a sliding load rack with multiple locking positions and folding roof racks, emphasising utility and ease of use.

The Wildtrak X goes beyond external toughness, offering an array of driver assistance and safety systems, including but not limited to Active Park Assist and a Blind Spot Information System. Its Trail Turn Assist and Trail Control are invaluable tools for negotiating tight turns and maintaining low speeds in tricky terrains.

Aesthetically, the Wildtrak X is a sight to behold. The exterior sports a new off-road grille, black 'WILDTRAK' lettering across the bonnet, and various distinctive design enhancements that affirm its ruggedness. The interior doesn't disappoint either, with accented leather seats, Miko® suede trim, and high-tech elements centralised around Ford's SYNC 4A infotainment system, housed in a 12-inch touchscreen.

Under the hood, the Wildtrak X is powered by a 2.0-litre Bi-Turbo diesel engine paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, providing a smooth yet powerful driving experience. Its unique four-wheel-drive system underscores its adaptability and readiness for all adventures.

Ford also ensures peace of mind with its Ford Protect plan, including a four-year warranty and service options, emphasising its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The Ranger Wildtrak X isn't just a vehicle; it's a ticket to adventure, designed meticulously for those who dare to explore.

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