Ford Ranger Raptor's Performance Shift Indicator: Elevating Thrills On and Off the Road

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The formidable Ford Ranger Raptor, boasting an impressive 292kW of power, was meticulously crafted to deliver an exhilarating experience, both on and off the beaten path.

Dave Burn, the visionary Chief Platform Engineer behind the Ranger Raptor, emphasized, "The Ranger Raptor was conceived and engineered by automotive enthusiasts, for automotive enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from the world of desert racing, the Ranger Raptor beckons to be unleashed."

In tune with the racing spirit, Ford equipped this performance powerhouse with a customizable Performance Shift Light Indicator.

For decades, professional race drivers have relied on shift lights to pinpoint the precise moment to shift gears, optimizing acceleration whether on the asphalt or off-road. Ford introduced this technology to its production vehicles with the Mustang GT350 in 2015.

Burn elaborated, "At its core, the Ranger Raptor is a performance-oriented truck. We've pushed its limits in modified form at the Baja races, and it's now conquering the Tatts Finke Desert Race (June 9-12). The Performance Shift Indicator stands as a testament to our commitment to performance, complementing features like the anti-lag functionality in Baja mode and the cutting-edge FOX Shocks with Live Valve technology that grace the Ranger Raptor."

While the majority of drivers will primarily engage the Ranger Raptor's e-Shifter in "D" for Drive during their journeys, there are moments when taking the reins becomes essential. By selecting "M" for Manual on the e-Shifter, the driver assumes full control over gear changes through the tactile Magnesium-alloy paddle shifters. This capability proves invaluable on winding, serpentine roads or when pursuing optimal fuel efficiency.

The Performance Shift Indicator can be activated to provide both visual and auditory cues when it's time to make the next gear transition. This feature can be easily enabled and customized via the vehicle's main menu, accessible through the impressive 12.4-inch instrument cluster. Here, drivers can fine-tune the Shift Tone and the Shift Point, allowing for adaptation to various driving conditions and preferences within the RPM range of 4000–6500rpm.

Burn highlighted the practicality of the audible warning, stating, "The audible alert ensures that your attention stays focused on the road ahead."

He further elaborated, "The ability to tailor when the Ranger Raptor prompts gear changes empowers drivers to adapt the truck to match the terrain and driving conditions. This customization extends beyond performance; the Performance Shift Indicator can also be employed to enhance fuel economy, encouraging timely gear shifts."

When the Performance Shift Indicator is active, you'll observe the tachometer illuminating and transitioning in color as it approaches the selected shift point.

To activate the Performance Shift Indicator, simply navigate to the 'Settings' menu, then select 'Performance Shift Indicator,' choose 'Enabled,' and proceed to fine-tune the 'Shift Point' (within the 4000–6500rpm range) and the 'Shift Tone' to suit your driving preferences.

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