The All-New Citroën C3: A Bold New Crossover for South Africa

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The All-New Citroën C3: A Bold New Crossover for South Africa

Citroën has introduced the highly anticipated All-New C3 to the South African market, offering a crossover design that combines style, affordability, and advanced features. With a focus on customer demands and driving conditions in the region, Citroën has created a vehicle that promises comfort, versatility, and a unique driving experience. Let's explore the features and pricing of this exciting new crossover.

Powerful Engine and Advanced Technology

Under the hood, the All-New C3 boasts a PURETECH 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder engine that delivers a power output of 61kW at 5750rpm and a torque of 115Nm at 3750rpm. This engine strikes a perfect balance between performance and fuel efficiency, allowing for an enjoyable driving experience while keeping fuel consumption in check.

The All-New C3 also comes equipped with a class-leading SmartCar HD 10" touchscreen infotainment system. This system features wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ connectivity, enabling seamless integration with smartphones and access to a wide range of apps and multimedia content. With this advanced technology, drivers and passengers can stay connected and entertained throughout their journey.

SUV Styling and Customization Options

The design of the All-New C3 draws inspiration from Citroën's unique and recognizable DNA. Its muscular SUV styling and elevated ride height, along with a ground clearance of 180mm, give it a robust and commanding presence on the road. The front end is instantly recognizable with its distinctive lighting signature and the iconic Citroën logo at the center of the grille.

To suit individual preferences and style, the All-New C3 offers optional accessory packs that allow owners to customize their vehicle. These packs provide additional features and aesthetic enhancements, enabling customers to create a personalized and unique look for their crossover.

A Caring and Comfortable Interior

The interior of the All-New C3 is designed to prioritize comfort and versatility. The horizontal dashboard creates a sense of spaciousness, while fully adjustable seating with comfortable high-density foam embodies Citroën's Advanced Comfort® philosophy. The elevated ride height and large window areas contribute to a bright and airy cabin, enhancing the overall sense of well-being for all occupants.

The All-New C3 offers generous headroom, elbow room, and knee room, making it suitable for passengers of all sizes. The vehicle also provides ample storage space, including a 1-liter glovebox, center console area, front door pockets, cupholders, and smartphone storage slots. These practical features ensure that occupants have everything they need within easy reach.

Advanced Technology and Seamless Connectivity

Citroën understands the importance of smartphones and connected devices in today's fast-paced world. The All-New C3 is designed to be smartphone-friendly and offers the latest technology to keep occupants seamlessly connected. The centerpiece of the infotainment system is a user-friendly 10-inch touchscreen, the largest in its class. It supports Bluetooth® for phone calls and features Mirror Screen technology, which enables wireless connectivity through Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™. USB data sockets provide quick charging for smartphones, ensuring that occupants stay powered up throughout their journey.

A Pleasurable Driving Experience

The All-New C3 is powered by Citroën's acclaimed PURETECH 1.2-liter naturally aspirated engine. With 61kW of power and 115Nm of torque, the C3 delivers a balanced performance suitable for both city driving and open-road adventures. The suspension system is carefully tuned to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, minimizing body roll and absorbing shocks for a more enjoyable driving experience. This combination of power and comfort makes the All-New C3 a fun and practical choice for drivers.

Exceptional Value with Comprehensive Plans

The All-New C3 starts at an introductory price of R229,900, making it an appealing option for prospective buyers. This price includes a 2-year/30,000 km service plan and a 5-year/100,000 km warranty plan, providing customers with peace of mind and robust support. With these plans, owners can enjoy worry-free driving and efficient servicing for the first few years of ownership.


With its bold design, advanced technology, and exceptional value, the All-New Citroën C3 is set to make a statement in the South African crossover market. Priced at R229,900, the C3 offers a comprehensive service and warranty plan, ensuring peace of mind for owners. Its SUV styling, customizable options, and spacious interior make it a versatile and appealing choice for a wide range of customers. Whether it's daily commutes or weekend getaways, the All-New C3 promises a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

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