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      Auto Advisor    September 16, 2019

    Maybach SUV Coming in 2019

    This is the Mercedes Maybach "Ultimate Luxury" concept and it was revealed at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show, previewing the future of the Maybach sub-brand in the luxury SUV segment. The concept made headlines around the world thanks to its controversial shape, but like many other concepts, there were never any plans to put it into production. Well, it looks like that’s changed after Mercedes-Maybach officially confirmed that a Maybach SUV would be coming before the end of this year. 

    Mercedes’ luxury sub-brand revealed that "in November 2019 the brand will present its first model in the attractive SUV segment." Now, this quote gives us a bit of information on the upcoming model. We know that it won’t be a limited-edition model, and we know that it won’t be a customised version of an existing vehicle like the recent Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet that was internationally launched in South Africa a few years ago. So if it’s not a limited edition, it means that the upcoming Maybach SUV will be the brands first-ever full production SUV. 

    Aside from being a new model, Mercedes-Maybach has a real business case for a luxury SUV. Nearly 1 in every 7 S-Classes sold in 2018 was a Maybach contributing to a total of around 12,000 Maybach’s sold by the end of 2018. These figures are especially impressive when compared to the 11,000 cars sold by Bentley and the 4,100 cars sold by Rolls-Royce in the same period. Both of these rivals have luxury SUV’s in their model line-up, namely the Bentley Bentayga and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, so it makes sense for Maybach to introduce an SUV to the market. 

    We expect the Mercedes-Maybach SUV to be based on the new Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class, abandoning the unique roof silhouette of the concept in favour of a more conventional SUV shape. We can also expect the SUV to feature a pair of reclining seats at the back instead of the two rear benches in the regular GLS. There are also rumours of an extended wheelbase model of the already-long SUV which will most likely feature two rows of ultra-luxurious seats. Finally, we can expect to find Maybach’s flagship V12 engine under the bonnet to pull the SUV around with minimal effort.  

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