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      Auto Advisor    January 18, 2021

    Everything we know about the 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost 

    The history of Rolls-Royce dates all the way back to 1904 when Henry Royce built his first motor car. Its prestigious heritage has lasted for over 117 years, and it is widely considered to be one of the most luxurious auto brands in the world. In 2009, Rolls-Royce stepped things up further when it introduced its ultra-luxury Ghost models.  

    The Rolls-Royce Ghost may be considered an entry-level model, but its luxury interior and the price tag does mean that it may be out of many people’s hands. The luxury sedan can be personalized to the level of luxury you are satisfied with. So, making your Ghost more than an entry-level model is an option, with the only big question there being, how much are you willing to spend. 

    In terms of engine size, the 2021 Ghost will stick to its familiar engine. Under the luxury sedan's long hood is a 419kW 6.7-liter V-12 engine. It comes equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and will be in all-wheel drive. The new Ghost will also get a standard adaptive suspension that makes use of a road-scanning camera to help the vehicle anticipate and compensate for potholes. 

    The new Ghost will keep its lavish interior as every surface, knob, switch, and lever are made from premium materials. Rolls-Royce has pulled out all the stops here making sure that the Ghost steps a level higher than its competitors, the Bentley Flying Spur and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It gets even more luxurious inside as it gets finely grained leather, real wood, and metal accents throughout the cabin. Another available feature, which in our opinion might just be a headliner here is its starlit sky roof, which makes use of tiny integrated LED lights. The illuminated dashboard inlay lights up when the Ghost is turned on, creating a more starry-night ambiance. The rear seats do benefit from other luxury features, making them the best seats in the sedan. There, passengers are able to enjoy such luxuries as massaging seats, an entertainment system, and a spacious amount of legroom. 

    In terms of technology, the Ghost will come provided with a Wi-Fi hotspot and will feature a large infotainment touchscreen with in-dash navigation. Apple CarPlay will be available if you have a compatible USB-C device. There is a dual-screen rear-seat entertainment system that allows passengers to adjust the radio, input destinations into the nav, and more. Rolls-Royce will get an 18-speaker Bespoke stereo system that has 1300 watts of power. 

    The new Rolls-Royce Ghost is expected to go on sale in 2021 and will come at a hefty price tag of R5 000 000. It will come with a four-year warranty and maintenance package, which doesn't expire at any mileage limit. 

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