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      Auto Advisor    November 30, 2019

    Driven: Audi Q5 Part 2

    The Audi Q5 is one of Audi’s most balanced offerings in the SUV segment. It offers ample space for 5 adults and a trunk full of luggage while providing performance that is both efficient and rewarding. So what is it like to actually own an Audi Q5? Well, we got to spend a week with one and the result was surprising.

    The design of the Q5 is understated. It’s modern and high-tech, yet subtle enough not to draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. This isn’t to say that people don’t notice you, because they certainly do, especially with the angular LED headlights guiding you as you manoeuvre the concrete jungle. The new Audi Q5 also addresses some of the design shortcomings of its predecessor which was a bit round and unattractive. The new model is sleek, robust and athletic and this is only emphasised further with the impressive colour palette available for customers to choose from. Another element of personalisation available to the customer is the ‘Black Pack’ which adds sportiness to the Q5 in the form of a blacked-out grille and a couple of other blacked-out design pieces around the car. The large alloy wheels complete the look, with a wide selection of wheel designs available for customers to choose from.

    The engine that powers the Audi Q5 is equally sublime. It’s a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel motor that produces 140kW of power and 400Nm of torque, and while this may not look like a lot on paper, the Q5 somehow manages to feel a lot faster than it really should be. Power delivery is rapid yet smooth but becomes a bit more aggressive in Dynamic mode.

    The reality is that, as an owner of this car, you wouldn’t always have it in Dynamic mode because you wouldn’t drive your car this hard. That’s where Audi’s Freeway Plan comes into action. The Audi Freeway Plan is included with the sale of all new Audi vehicles. The service and maintenance plan is available as standard in the form of a 5-year/100,000km programme, however as of October 2019, customers now have the option to extend it all the way up to a 10-year/300,000km plan, making it one of the most comprehensive in the premium market. The extended plan looks to attract buyers who want to keep their Audi vehicles for longer while also retaining the value of their vehicles should they decide to sell or trade-in. The best part is that this is all available on the Audi Q5 and can be extended from its standard 5-year/100,000km plan in increments of 1-year/30,000km all the way up to a maximum of 10-years/300,000km from the date of the vehicles original registration.

    So if the design, performance and efficiency aren’t enough to make you lust after the Audi Q5, perhaps the Freeway Plan will. Cars are big investments and having the peace of mind to know that you can keep your Audi Q5 for up to 10-years or 300,000km is more than enough to persuade me. Even if you’re not buying a new Audi Q5, you could pick up a used one for a bargain with the reassurance of Audi Pre-Owned Promise, which basically means that all Audi Pre-owned vehicles are taken through a comprehensive mechanical and quality check prior to being placed onto the showroom floor. Reconditioning work on the interior and exterior areas on the vehicle is also carried out.


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