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      Auto Advisor    December 3, 2019

    Driven: 2019 BMW 320d preposterously addictive by Vishnu Singh

    At the moment clichés are the norm and vehicle manufacturers churn out never-ending production lines of generations of necessary dramatic iterations of their successful or even unsuccessful offspring. The 3 series had stretched its staple food into the 8th avatar and it’s tantalizingly entertaining.

    The three series has been like a best-selling novel that was written into a brilliant screenplay and then sculpted into an Emmy award-winning well “series”. Like GOT or Gossip Girl, it has set an intangible but definitive platform and whether we like it or not, it is a subliminal standard for others to gauge their progress with.

    It’s larger now and longer, sleeker in some aspects and also dodges the larger sibling bullet of mimicking a 5 series. Its wider attention-seeking body and voluminous displacement increase removes the “compact” identity and forces you to use the parking aids. It’s designed like comfort food for car enthusiasts, you know what it is and even with uber kidney grills all blacked out, it’s pleasing on the eye and garners the lets look twice to confirm which BMW it is.

    The twin-turbo elegantly efficient diesel engine is silently disconcerting in its fuel consumption and engagement. The new engineering is immediate in assuring you of its sporty attitude. It slaps the overtures of adrenaline based M Sport aspirations with almost James Bond like calmness allowing it to be quick without being a hooligan, planted without straining the electronic driving aids. It’s a parochial drama that allows a healthy dose of handling charm without compromising comfort. It’s not an M, but as a working man’s machine, you will not find anything out there in this bracket that offers as much entertainment.

    That being said, the various modes did not offer much in terms of handling differentiation, or maybe I’m just too archaic to maximize the push. The M Sport option is just a burst of pocket change more and definitely the one to inspire to.

    The interior has evolved but still lacks the finesse of Mercedes or the prettiness of an Audi. It's practical, touches amicably on luxury and does all it’s supposed to with determined precision. The controls extend the comfort food theme and everything works with minimal education, which some of the other brands could learn from.

    The 320d impressed me to levels where I contemplated ordering one, so it managed to steer me clear of the fear of clichéd boxes by presenting a complete user-friendly, perpetually smiling, propellant conserving, smoothly dynamic car that is currently at the top of my list for 2019.



    BMW 320d M Sport

    Price                 R696 400.00

    Engine              2 Liter Twin Turbo Dieseland

    Power              140kW

    Torque             400Nm

    0-100               6.6s

    Top Speed        241 km/h



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