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      Auto Advisor    February 5, 2021

    A fresh start for the Ford Everest  

    It is safe to say that 2021, has not gotten off to the brightest start. South Africans were put under heavy lockdown restrictions, which meant that the New Years' celebrations were all done at home. The President had urged us to not only social distance but to also light a candle, in remembrance of those lost in the battle against COVID-19. The year has been gloomy so far for many South Africans and that is why Ford has urged us to take the time to appreciate our new beginnings. No matter how great, or small they may be, it is important to take the time to reflect on the road ahead. 

    Whether your new beginnings consist of family, health, or even exploring the beauty of South Africa, then Ford may have the perfect SUV lined up for you. The Ford Everest is a comfortable and spacious 7-seater capable of tackling any obstacle that is in its way. Those who enjoy spending their time outdoors will find the Everest to be a great companion. Under its modern-looking exterior, the Everest is a #BuiltFordTough drivetrain. The Everest is offered in 4x2 and 4x4 variants, all coming equipped with large diameter wheels, diff lock, and an impressive ground clearance of 225mm. 

    There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic caused massive pressure on the economy. Many can agree that job security has become a thing of the past and that having a side hustle is vital these days. The Everest does not only serve its purpose as an exceptional day to day SUV, but also a helping hand to those running around, doing business-related activities. The Everest comes with an exceptionally large cabin that can be turned into a practical loading space by simply folding down the second and third row of seats, creating a total loading space of 2010 litres. This amount of space is enough to store anyone’s business-related valuables, keeping them safe and protected. In addition to this, the Everest also offers exceptional towing capacity along with Trailer Sway Control. 

    Due to the current crises many local businesses and companies have been struggling to stay on their feet. Supporting local workers and businesses, especially in these hard times can prove to be crucial. Therefore, Ford is proud to still be assembling favourites such as the Ford Ranger and Everest at its Silverton plant in Pretoria as well as its advanced diesel engines at the award-winning Struandale engine plant in Port Elizabeth. 

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