The benefits of owning an EV - efficiency and performance

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BMW is a pioneer in the electric vehicle sphere. One of the first brands to introduce an electric vehicle to South Africa, the Munich-based brand is not only synonymous with performance and dynamics, but with efficiency and innovation, too.

As many i3 owners would attest, electro mobility is the way forward. Certainly, it has to be, if we’re to do anything about the ever-changing climate. Aside from the environmental benefits, there are myriad bonuses that accompany electric car ownership. Let’s take a look at a handful.

1.  Maintenance

With fewer moving parts, electric vehicles are considered to be easier to maintain. Unlike an internal combustion-engined vehicle, there’s no engine oil to replace and far fewer parts that can break and require repair or replacement. Regenerative braking even reduces wear and tear on the brakes, for example. With regenerative braking, the vehicle uses the powertrain to slow down, stretching the lifespan of your brake pads - all while charging the battery.

2. Performance

Most people don’t realise that electric vehicles offer superb acceleration. Take BMW’s i3S, for instance. It may be a compact and practical city car, but it can still blitz to 100 km/h in a silent 6.9 seconds - that’s quicker than a petrol-engined 530i from the early 2000’s. Part of this mesmerising acceleration is down to the fact that electric vehicles have 100% of their torque available from 0 r/min. This allows you to zip off quickly (and in absolutely silence) from traffic lights and intersections. BMW’s latest i4 M50 is more impressive still, with a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 3.9 seconds.

3. Refinement

Electric motors operate silently. While it may take some time to get used to, the benefits are immeasurable. While some may miss the exhaust note associated with BMW, the refinement experienced in an EV are unrivalled. Moving along at high speeds, the experience is hushed and serene. What’s more, because an electric vehicle has a single-speed gearbox, there’s none of the jerkiness found in ICE vehicles, which use conventional gearboxes.

4. Convenience

Fewer things in life are more annoying than filling up with fuel. Not only does it waste time but, as we all know, fuel is getting prohibitively expensive. If you travel longer distances, fuelling a compact car can cost a driver nearly R2000 a month. With an electric vehicle, you simply plug in when you get home, recharging your battery at a far more economical financial figure. What’s more, there are myriad public places which allow EV owners to top their batteries up while shopping or enjoying a cup of coffee.

5. Environmental responsibility

Most of us spend plenty of time in traffic, our engines idling away as we inch forward slowly. However, an electric car emits absolutely no harmful emissions into the atmosphere, allowing you to drive to and fro while doing your part for the climate. What’s more, your EV uses far less power when stationary.

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