BMW 7 Series: A Visionary Blend of Luxury, Sustainability, and Digital Innovation

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The BMW 7 Series has always been synonymous with luxury and innovation. In its latest iteration, BMW is ushering in a new era by combining cutting-edge sustainability, digitalization, and unparalleled driving pleasure. The crown jewel of the BMW lineup, the 7 Series, has undergone a remarkable transformation, led by the introduction of the all-electric BMW i7, which not only redefines the driving experience but also underscores BMW's commitment to sustainability.

Luxury Redefined for the Modern Era:

The new BMW 7 Series embraces a fresh perspective on luxury, one that caters to the individual's unique desires, needs, and emotions. Beyond its inherent presence, elegance, and premium quality, this luxury sedan introduces a forward-thinking approach characterized by innovations designed to enhance user experience, extensive connectivity, and benchmark-setting sustainability.

This visionary approach speaks to a modern audience that values responsible living and sees personal mobility as an opportunity to savor unique moments in everyday life and during journeys.

A Symbol of Innovation and Milestone:

The seventh-generation BMW 7 Series marks a milestone in the luxury segment, embodying BMW's innovative prowess. With a global launch commencing in November 2022, it represents a significant step forward in BMW's current luxury model offensive. South African customers had the privilege of experiencing the BMW i7 xDrive60 and the BMW 740i, available from Q4 2022, with the BMW 740d xDrive set to follow in the latter half of 2023.

Exterior Design: Expressive and Exclusive:

The exterior design of the new BMW 7 Series is a statement in power and exclusivity. The front end, featuring signature BMW elements like the kidney grille and twin circular headlights, exudes a commanding presence. Innovative features such as the BMW Theatre Screen, BMW iDrive with the latest BMW Operating System 8, BMW Curved Display, and Manoeuvre Assistant underscore the luxury sedan's progressive character.

The Executive Lounge option for the rear enhances comfort and well-being, offering an optimized reclining seat position and new BMW Individual Merino leather/cashmere wool interior trim.

An Array of Exterior Colors:

Customers can personalize their BMW 7 Series with a selection of one non-metallic and nine metallic body paint options. Additionally, four BMW Individual paint finishes and a BMW Individual two-tone paint finish are available, allowing owners to make a bold statement.

Traveling in Unprecedented Comfort:

The interior of the new BMW 7 Series strikes the perfect balance between driving dynamics and passenger comfort. The digital transformation is evident in the streamlined cockpit, featuring the BMW Curved Display, BMW Interaction Bar, and the latest-generation BMW Head-Up Display. Passengers in the rear benefit from the BMW Theatre Screen, creating a private cinema on wheels with Amazon Fire TV integration.

Upgraded Executive Lounge:

For the ultimate in rear-seat comfort, the Executive Lounge option offers a reclining function with an integrated leg rest. The multifunction seats in the front provide extensive electric adjustment, heating, and lumbar support. An optional massage function with nine programs is available, and rear-seat heating enhances passenger comfort.

Efficient and Powerful: Drive System Portfolio:

The new BMW 7 Series offers a diverse range of drive systems tailored to meet the demands of a global market. The long-wheelbase model maximizes rear passenger space and offers a choice of combustion engines and all-electric drive for the first time. The BMW i7 xDrive60, a pure electric variant, boasts a range of 590-625 kilometers and innovative features.

In South Africa, models featuring 48V mild hybrid technology were introduced, with a six-cylinder in-line diesel engine expected in the second half of 2023.

Chassis Technology for the Perfect Balance:

The chassis of the new BMW 7 Series benefits from increased body rigidity, larger tracks, and wheels, ensuring an optimal balance between driving dynamics and comfort. Innovations such as the active role stabilization function, integral active steering, and the latest-generation integrated braking system enhance the driving experience.

Innovative Technology for Automated Driving and Parking:

The new BMW 7 Series offers the most extensive selection of automated driving and parking systems ever seen in a BMW. The integration of Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function, Steering and Lane Control Assistant, and innovative features like Automatic Speed Limit Assist and Active Navigation deliver a remarkable level of automated driving.

The New Vehicle Experience: BMW iDrive with BMW Operating System 8:

The new BMW 7 Series features the latest-generation BMW iDrive system, allowing intuitive control of vehicle functions, navigation, infotainment, and communication. The BMW Curved Display, BMW Interaction Bar, and the latest BMW Head-Up Display provide an immersive and informative experience.

Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future:

The new BMW 7 Series is a testament to BMW's dedication to excellence and innovation. Built at the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing in Europe, it represents a harmonious blend of tradition and future-oriented manufacturing.

In conclusion, the BMW 7 Series stands at the forefront of the luxury automotive segment, offering a vision of the future where sustainability, digitalization, and uncompromising luxury converge to redefine the driving experience. South African customers can look forward to a new era of driving pleasure and comfort with this remarkable luxury sedan.

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