Audi Completes Second Investment Wave into South Africa's EV Charging Network

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Audi Completes Second Investment Wave into South Africa's EV Charging Network

Audi South Africa, in collaboration with Rubicon, has successfully completed the second phase of its investment in the country's electric vehicle (EV) charging network. With an investment of approximately R45 million over the past two years, Audi has taken a significant step towards establishing a state-of-the-art charging infrastructure across the nation. This initiative aligns with Audi's commitment to sustainable mobility, making EV charging simpler, more accessible, and environmentally friendly for all South Africans.

Phase 2: A Leap Towards the Future

In this latest phase, Audi and its partners have added 43 new electric vehicle charging stations across the country. These chargers can accommodate up to 57 EV cars simultaneously, irrespective of the model or brand ownership, providing a seamless charging experience for EV owners.

Setting New Standards with Cutting-Edge Technology

Among the highlights of this expansion is the installation of South Africa's first DC 200kW ultra-fast charger at the Mall of Africa. This charger is equipped with solar power backup, setting new standards in sustainable charging solutions. Compatible vehicles, such as the e-tron GT, can recharge their batteries to 80% capacity in just 15 minutes, making long-distance EV travel more convenient and feasible.

A Green Statement: Solar Photovoltaic Integration

The Mall of Africa installation features a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, one of the largest of its kind in the Southern hemisphere. This integration demonstrates Audi's commitment to harnessing renewable energy sources, making it a progressive step towards sustainable charging and reducing the carbon footprint of EVs.

Comprehensive Charging Infrastructure

Beyond the ultra-fast charger, this second phase of investment also includes the installation of four 100kW (DC), eight 60kW (DC), five 25kW (DC), and twenty-five 22kW (AC) fast EV chargers across various locations in South Africa. These charging points are strategically placed for easy accessibility and convenience for all EV customers.

A Driving Force for EV Adoption

With the commissioning of these additional chargers, Audi, along with partners GridCars and Rubicon, has successfully installed a total of 76 fast and ultra-fast EV chargers across South Africa. This represents approximately 28% of all public charging stations in the country, further encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles.

Roaming Agreement for Enhanced User Experience

Audi's partnership with GridCars and Rubicon includes a roaming agreement that facilitates interoperability between the two networks. EV users, including Audi e-tron owners, can now enjoy a seamless charging experience and hassle-free billing across both networks, making electric mobility more convenient than ever.

Embracing a Sustainable Tomorrow

Sascha Sauer, Head of Audi South Africa, emphasized the brand's commitment to sustainability and its vision for the future. By investing in charging infrastructure and making electric mobility more accessible, Audi aims to play a vital role in driving South Africa towards a sustainable future of mobility.


The cost for using Audi's EV charging network will vary depending on the charger's capacity and the electricity rates in different regions. Generally, fast charging is priced higher than regular charging due to its quicker recharging times. Audi aims to provide competitive and reasonable pricing to encourage EV adoption and foster sustainable mobility. Users may pay per charging session or choose from various subscription packages that suit their charging needs, offering cost-saving benefits for regular EV users.


Audi's successful completion of its second phase of investment in South Africa's EV charging network signifies a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable future. With cutting-edge charging technology and solar integration, Audi is committed to transforming the mobility landscape and promoting EV adoption across the country. As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, Audi's efforts will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for other automotive manufacturers to embrace a sustainable attitude towards the future of mobility.

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