Alfa Romeo Stelvio: A Masterpiece Evolving in Style and Technology

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio: A Masterpiece Evolving in Style and Technology

Alfa Romeo's 2023 Stelvio model combines captivating style and exhilarating performance, pushing the boundaries of SUV design. With a striking fusion of the Tonale's family aesthetics, the Stelvio offers an unmatched experience for urban and off-road adventures.

Evolving Performance Art

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio represents a significant milestone for the brand, evolving its trademark qualities of perfect weight balance, exceptional driving dynamics, and cutting-edge technological solutions. Like a live performance captivating spectators, the Stelvio showcases Alfa Romeo's mechanical creations in real life while providing the pinnacle of automotive driving experiences. Despite Alfa Romeo's rich legacy, dating back to 1910, the Stelvio remains at the forefront of performance, encapsulating the brand's ethos for 113 years.

A Striking New Look
The Stelvio's front fascia features a modern reinterpretation of the iconic "Trilobo" grille, establishing a visual connection with the Tonale. Its Full-LED Adaptive Matrix headlights, inspired by Alfa Romeo's SZ Zagato and Pro-teo concept car, offer improved efficiency, safety, and comfort.

Cutting-Edge Digital Instrument Panel
Inside, the Stelvio introduces a fully digital 12.3" TFT instrument panel with a historic "telescopic" design. The customizable layouts, including Evolved, Relax, and Heritage, pay tribute to Alfa Romeo's iconic models from the past.

Unmatched Driving Dynamics
Unrivaled driving dynamics are achieved through lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber, inherited from racing heritage. The Stelvio's all-wheel drive with Q4 technology seamlessly transfers torque between wheels for exceptional performance, efficiency, and safety.

Alfa Link Suspension and Integrated Braking System
The exclusive Alfa Link suspension combines double wishbones in the front and a multilink solution in the rear, delivering uncompromised handling and comfort. The Integrated Braking System ensures immediate response and enhanced safety.

Unparalleled Pleasure and Peace of Mind
The Stelvio offers unparalleled pleasure with its precise steering and 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems provide additional support and comfort, maintaining the perfect balance between driving pleasure and assistance.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce provides a worry-free driving experience with its warranty and maintenance plan, covering five years or 100,000km. The Veloce model is currently available and priced at R1,205,500, with the option to add a sunroof for an additional R20,000. Later in the year, the Stelvio Q variant will also join the lineup, expanding the options for interested buyers.

With its evolving style and cutting-edge technology, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio continues to redefine sportiness and aesthetics for the 21st century, solidifying its status as a masterpiece in the automotive world.


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