About Us

AutoAdvisor is South Africa's first consumer car and dealership review platform. We provide a platform for consumers to share their experiences with their own vehicles. Consumers can review one of the 18 000+ vehicles or 1500+ dealerships online.

Auto Advisor is the only platform of its kind that offers a holistic view of vehicle specifications on vehicles since 2002; view your book, trade-in, retail pricing as well as journalist reviews. Find dealership contact and location information through our user-friendly interface and much more.  

Consumers are encouraged to share live data of their vehicles. Review what you pay for vehicle insurance, fuel consumption, and even maintenance costs. To provide added value we average this information so you have a better indication of what you are committing to when you are purchasing your vehicle.

Our mission is to create an authentic automotive community where motor enthusiasts and novices can share their views in their own way and help other potential buyers make their purchase decision and process an easier one. A place where all vehicle information is gathered and put together for your benefit. 

We believe that together we can make this platform beneficial for everyone so please feel free to suggest anything you think could make this platform better. Ideas are then voted for on our information hub by other users and this may result in implementation. Click the ‘Sharing is Caring’ button located at the bottom of every page to find out more.

That’s it from us, we hope you find the website enjoyable and beneficial. Stay tuned as we have a lot of great things in store. 

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