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AutoAdvisor focuses on gathering car and dealer reviews from the public to assist consumers with their vehicle research and dealership choices by providing non-biased community-based reviews.

We also enable consumers to find critical vehicle information like vehicle specifications, vehicle pricing (book, trade, and retail), latest automotive news, vehicle releases, journalists' car reviews on vehicles we have tested, dealerships contact information and locations around South Africa

Reviews are collected and made accessible to consumers via our user-friendly website. We offer a comprehensive database of vehicles and dealerships which has made it possible for the everyday consumer to easily join our community and provide a review on different aspects of vehicles that they currently own, have owned or driven. 

It is to empower the connected consumer and ensure that this information is easily accessible wherever you are, you no longer need to worry about buying a car without getting the truth from as many owners as possible. www.autoadvisor.co.za will be a single platform for all the information that YOU need to make smarter decisions.

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Wheel & Rim shops locations in SA.

Wheel & Rim shops locations in SA.