You can review any vehicle since 2002 and all franchise dealerships across the country, find vehicle specifications, retail, book and trade-in pricing, latest car news, journalist reviews, find dealership contact and location information and most importantly you can read reviews by other people on their vehicles or dealerships they interacted with. We also offer insurance quotes and vehicle quotes. We do the hard work and find you your dream car from our network of franchise dealerships and it will most likely be at the best price. It’s a free service and obligation free, so give us a try and let us be your advisor!

Once you have navigated to your exact vehicle and selected it, the vehicle page will display four tabs, specifications, reviews, vehicle market value and Q &A. Select the relevant tab depending on what you would like to view.


While we do have prize giveaways from time to time, we ask our community members to provide reviews in good faith to assist other user to make better decisions. We believe the long-term benefits will be invaluable. We provide the necessary technical information and we provide the platform to offer their non-biased input on their current and past vehicles or the dealerships they have interacted with. After all, I don’t believe one person could have owned all vehicle models available or visited all dealerships across the country in one lifetime. The only real way to do this is to collect information from multiple users to provide an overview of vehicle and dealership insight to help other potential buyers or sellers make more informed decisions. 

Search for your vehicle using the search bar or select the browse vehicles tab, use the filters to navigate to your exact model. Once you have selected the vehicle, you can click the write a review button.  

From the header, you can select write a dealership review and use the filters to get down to your brand and province.  You could also use the search bar to find your exact dealer by dealer name or from the footer, you can select browse dealers tab and use the filters to navigate by province and brand to find your exact dealership. 

By having a database of non-biased vehicle and dealership information this will allow potential buyers and sellers to complete the research they need to make better decisions at their time of sale or purchase. It is to empower the connected consumer and ensure that this information is easily accessible wherever you are, you no longer need to worry about buying a car without getting the truth from as many possible owners out there. will be a single platform for all the information that YOU need to make smarter decisions. 

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Wheel & Rim shops locations in SA.

Wheel & Rim shops locations in SA.