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      Auto Advisor    March 8, 2021

    The 2021 Lexus LS expected to hit our markets soon 

    There are few sedans that hold much heritage as the Lexus LS. Its nameplate has defined what comfort in a sedan can be and has played a key role in Lexus’s 30 years of success. As generations of the LS models went by, Lexus has always found a way to better the next, and with its latest LS model, we can expect nothing less. 

    According to Lexus, the latest LS will be exceptional in terms of ride quality with its suspension getting fine-tuned to adjust to the tyres. The fifth-generation LS which was introduced back in 2018 marked a pinnacle point in the vehicle’s design, as it was the first to use Lexus’ GA-L (Global Architecture―Luxury) Platform. The benefits of using this platform include superb chassis balance, a low centre of gravity, and much-increased body rigidity. 

    LS Chief Engineer Toshio Asahi said “We have been implementing improvements year-on-year to ensure the continual evolution of the LS as a Lexus flagship. With the driving performance of the new LS, I decided that we should focus on the ‘refined driving performance’ which forms the model’s DNA, and indeed is the starting point for our brand. Therefore, we went back to basics and refined the fundamental performance from the ground up.” 

    The LS gets a revised AVS system with a new linear solenoid and an enlarged flow path in the control valve. This performance improvement will play a big part in bettering the vehicle’s steering response and stability. To ensure that the shock and vibration is reduced, the LS will come fitted with new liquid-filled engine mounts and rear suspension bushes. The LS will ride on run-flat tyres, which are known to be more rigid than conventional tyres. 

    In terms of the interior, the seats will play a key role in the vehicle’s overall comfort with its cushioning getting softer and more comfortable than before. Depending on the LS model, this will be one of the most luxury cabins to ever brace the Lexus nameplate. As it comes featured with multi-direction adjustability, integrated heating and ventilation, and controlled massage functions. 

    The LS will be launched with subtle aesthetic changes and will make its debut on local markets in the second quarter of this year. As for now, the range will consist of two models with more spec details to be announced upon its release. As expected, the LS will come with a 7-years/105 000 km warranty and maintenance plan.  

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